Tuesday, December 25, 2007


We wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Celebrating the day of Jesus birth and rejoicing in Him, the best gift of all!!

We pray you are enjoying time with friends or family and being
soaked in God's goodness and love!

We love you all !!!

We are still amazed at God's perfect handiwork in forming our family. Osobie and Fatu being home is our Christmas gift and w
e couldn't be happier. We are cuddled up in our cozies as the snow falls so beautifully on the ground outside.
We are blessed!!!


Donna Barber said...

And Merry Christmas to your and your Beautiful Family too!!

Brandi said...

How sweet! Merry Christmas and thanks for FINALLY posting new pictures! haha!

Those kids are darn cute! I love kids all snuggled up in snow suits. My son, Brayden asked me this week when it was going to snow here. . .I said, "it doesn't snow here. We'd have to go up north" His answer was, "well that's kind of far away for today, huh?!" Yep, Bray, no snow for us . . bummer!


Kamina said...

Merry Christmas!!! Great pics! We are so happy for you.

Tama said...

Too Precious!

Queen of Spain said...

Your family is beautiful!