Wednesday, June 6, 2007

God knows ALL our needs!! and He sure is cool

Okay, so our last post was partially about our dog being healed. Well, I just thought I'd post this funny Ka-win-kee-dink (however you spell it). Our dog was very ill and we spent several days with her in the Vet and emergency overnight care. All of this was simply to figure out what to do and what was wrong with her. Our vet bill just to keep her alive those few days came to $ 1351.52!!
As you all know, we are STILL raising funds to bring our kids home! So, we have nothing left for things like this. Well, the week of Kenya's illness we received our first tax return and then just today we received our state tax return. We received exactly what we needed to pay off this bill with $17 dollars left!!
This whole adoption journey has been such a stretch of our faith and has called Jeff and I to surrender ALL to God and His ways. Every time some crisis (usually money related) comes our way (which seems to happen ALL the time as soon as you decide to adopt and raise the funds)...GOD always has a way where there is no way. The very week we need $1000 extra dollars...we receive it. It's as if every time we think we have it all planned, figured out....God comes along as says "Are you going to trust me?" It's hard, don't get me wrong. I freak out every time, it never fails, but little by little I'm beginning to get it. It is HIM. It is HIS provision for Osobie and Fatu. They are His children, born from his very heart and given to us as a gift.

Even as I write this, we get a call that our car is going to cost $800 to fix! The check engine light came on weeks ago...and here we are again! Help God!! Help us trust you with what seems to be the impossible!!! And even now, God is doing the impossible. We are so excited to say that the
One Dollar Adoption Fundraiser is now at $3,284!!!!!

THANK YOU Everyone!! Thanks for passing it on to your friends and family!! We are getting closer and closer to our goal of $7,000.


Jason and Laura McBride said...

Jeff and Katie, this is so awesome! God is good and faithful and He is our Provider! The car is His and I'm sure He'll pay to get it fixed! We are CONTINUALLY re-learning this same lesson. And He is CONTINUALLY faithful to provide.

I'm so so happy for you that the money keeps coming in. What a blessing. Soak in all the love that He is lavishing on you from people all over the world who have been touched by what He's doing in your lives!

jamie said...

This is a great idea! We are adopting 2 children from Haiti and have been trying to come up with different fund raiser ideas. Was this hard to set up?

adopting lady said...

WOW! God does provide.